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All our latest products including our popular 'Lashed' brand.


Our 'Luxury Strip Lashes' are available in thirteen different styles including

Dolly, Bambi, Lush, Flirty, BettyDel, Minnie, Dottie, Minnie Glam, Bambi Glam, Foxy, Pixie & Beau

our lash range is being added to frequently.

All our lashes are made using quality materials, not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly.

Easy to apply. Can be used up to 20 times.

Also includes FREE glue!

We are the only brand on the market to bring out lash adhesive eyeliners we have a choice of 7 colours to choose from the adhesive we use in our liners is the same what we use in our glues





Not Tested On


Makeup Artists

We offer discounted lashes to all MUA's in a different style of packaging. To receive the discount code you must provide us with your online portfolio or social media.

For the unique discount code or more information drop us an email at