About JLG Cosmetics

This Is How Our Story Began

JLG Cosmetics was founded in 2018 by Jade Goddard. 
We decided the time was right to introduce a product range under JLG Cosmetics.

We have introduced our range of 'Lashed' eyelashes and New to the market lash adhesive eyeliners in a variety of colours.

Our aim is to provide our clientele with both quality and affordable products.
They are re-useable, lightweight and a high quality without the use of animal fur.

We have designed a latex free and vegan friendly glue to apply the lashes.

For more information on all our products head over to our Products page.

ceo & founder


Jade Goddard

I have been in the beauty industry for over six years and it has always been my dream to supply my clients with my own branded quality cosmetic products. This began with 'Lashed'. Our glam lashes are made using quality materials and are super affordable i have recently just launched my own lash adhesive eyeliners which are new to the market.


Thank you for visiting JLG Cosmetics and happy shopping!

Jade x